Technology is something with a feature of uneven distribution. Taking developed countries off the list, the developing and the underdeveloped still try to be ambivalent when it comes to technology. They pursue to be technically sound while still sticking to the non-digital ways as well. Not all can afford to lead a digitally packed life, and that is the reason as to why certain age-old concepts never die.

Reasons why E-Books will Lose in the ‘Paper vs. Digital’ Debate

Paper Book vs. E-book:

In the debate ‘Paper vs. e-book’, we are trying to find which one of the two people will most likely prefer not just in the present but also in the future. Many people think that the Paper vs Digital is an endless debate, but for book lovers, it is a pointless debate. Of course, e-books are great. You can carry a thousand books in one go. It’s handy, and there is no wear and tear. You can carry them anywhere and everywhere. Yes, they are a great substitute when books aren’t around but definitely not a replacement. E-books have their own benefits. Even an avid reader who invests his every free moment into reading will have second thoughts about replacing his library with one single electronic gadget. So here are some funny yet deep reasons as to why a paper book will always win the show.

Reasons why e-books will always take a back seat:

Feel of touching a book:

The feel of touching and running through the pages is a pleasure by itself. You will never get that when you are reading with an e-book. One large PDF will never help you to relate to characters and become one with the story like a physical book does. In an e-book there are chances of you getting diverted are quite high, and you are always detached from the story. But with a paper book in hand, you will never feel the distraction.

Your Dream Library:

The ultimate goal of every book lover is to own a big library filled with his favourite collection of books. This dream will totally come down to rubbles when you decide to choose e-books over paper books. A library is like a museum, it gathers memories and preserves that forever. Every page that you turn and every book on your shelf will have its own story to tell. E-book at the end of the day is electronic, and there are no emotions. Imagine one day someone took away all your book and left a Kindle behind. You wouldn’t even want to imagine the catastrophe.

It’s the smell:

If you didn’t know, it is a scientific fact that smell has the ability to carry memories. That is the reason as to why a specific perfume can transport you in time. It is the same in the case of books. The smell of new books and the way they smell after years will always excite you. It is believed that a book that has been in store for years in a house will take the smell of that house. Emotional isn’t it. Now, look at your kindle!


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